Mar 3, 2009


early 2008

a friend asked
hey, have you heard about pancake?
sure, a cake in a pan...
no nooo...

found this new place, where you can eat pancakes

not only with syrup, jam, butter or ice cream
but also with sausage, ham, bacon, hash brown and ma
shed potato
and tastes as good as it looks,
oh.. is it a cake-bread kind of place?
hmm.. sort of
oh okay (not that interested)

until, few months after that, my two bestest friends came to visit. as we looovee to eat so we try that pancake-bread place. it turns out super great (yaay). the place's name is paddington pancakes, at the curve mall, damansara perdana.

this is my favourite mall in malaysia. here, is actually
5 (five) mall combined into one large area. there is the curve, tesco hypermarket, cinelleisure, ikano shopping mall, and the one and only, ikea. but the concept itself is an open air mall, similar like parisj van java or cihampelas walk in bandung. ooppss... wrong topic here, okay back to food.

so, as you can see from the name, their speciality is pancakes, of cours
e. but with many many many kind of pancakes, we even need more than half an hour just to pick and order what we want. all the things in the menu looks so tempting, but we got to choose...

in the end,
this is the first item which we order. with the price RM22.50 menu number 406, double gourmet cheese sausages, beef salami, hashbrown, and grilled mozarella complete with salad and cherry tomatoes. i don't know what they called for the sauce, but it makes the whole thing complete.

the second item called dollar pancakes. basically it contains a lot of mini pancakes, together with
strawberries, peaches (hmm... my favourite), apple cubes, and cashew nut.

forget two scopes of ice creams, which you can choose chocolate, strawberry or vanilla flavour (we chosed chocolate and vanilla) and lastly strawberry syrup poured on top of it.

(yummy) it tasted as good as its looks.

yes, that is my first experience at paddington pancakes, on may 2008. then early this year, feb 2009, i got another visitor (hmm.. lucky me..) and another chance to eat here.

but for this time, i completely forgot to write down the dishes name, so can only show you the pic. if i'm not mistaken, first picture was somekind of a chessy-pancake-pizza, second one was pancake with hash brown, beef bacon and ham. third one was lasagna with spinach-pancake roll.

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