Mar 8, 2009



after sushi-fasting for almost three months... it's payback time (yeaay)
and guess what, today is a special day... and this is my #8 post (d
ouble yeaay)

i already aim this one sushi restaurant since i read ky's blog. the name is rakuzen, in chulan square, kuala lumpur. i heard they are actually the same as zanmai sushi, my favourite conveyor-belt sushi restaurant for now. luckily, rakuzen got sunday buffet lunch, only sunday and only lunch time, for RM55++ for adult and RM28++ for children (last time only 40something if i'm not mistaken... hmm)

it is actually very easy to reach there, well i got lost in the beginning because came out from the wrong pavillion mall exit door and got misdirection... shame on me, i know.

i booked one week ahead, minimum pax is 2 person and it's only from 12pm to 3pm. they will give you a list of menu, so you just have to order what you want. but be wise and don't be too overwhelmed, there's also charge for wastage food you left, RM10 for every 100gram.

as this was a breaking-fast moment for me, as a start i ordered (not too) many items. hot ocha for sure, then chuka wakame, chuka chinmi, chuka iidako, sashimi moriawase (assorted sashimi), and sushi moriawase (assorted sushi). there was also yanagawa nabe, udon, and miso soup.

the sashimi includes maguro, shiromi, sake, tako, and ika. the sushi includes maguro, shiromi, sake, unagi, nama hotate, ni hotate, ebi, tako, ika, ebikko, tamagoyaki, inari, and kaori-hana kani.

while waiting the food to come, i prepared the the wasabi and shoyu. it may sound weird, but i like to mix the wasabi into the shoyu with lots of chili powder and sweet sauce.

sweet sauce? yup, the black thick sweet taste soya sauce. not all sushi place got this one, so i am starting to consider bring myself one everytime i go (hmm...). beside sushi or sashimi, i also like to dip sweet ginger to this mix sauce (yummy and refresh-ing).

the second order was another spider roll, sake sashimi, chuka kurage, soft shell crab, yakitori, and finally after almost two hours eating, we finished up with macha ice cream (i managed to eat two... yaay).

final impression? well.. i actually hoping for more. to be honest, it wasn't as nice and most importantly as fresh as i imagine. but still okay laa.. at least much better than last time i eight buffet in one japanese restaurant at bandar utama. maybe i came on the wrong day or just not my luck. i still gonna come there again one day.

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