Mar 9, 2009


have you heard about nasi lemak?

it's a famous dish from malaysia, similar like nasi uduk in indonesia.
normally nasi lemak (steamed coconut-milk-rice) ser
ved with sambal ikan bilis (anchovies in chilli paste) and boiled or omelet egg. you can also add chicken, or sambal sotong (squid in chili paste), or anything that you want. as long as you got the secret recipe, which is the nasi lemak itself.

last friday nite, we went to this nasi lemak place around seapark, petaling jaya. it's a ha
wker-style kind of place, but was so crowded. they also got nasi goreng kambing (lamb fried rice) and other menu, but the nasi lemak is their speciality.

i normally eat nasi lemak as a breakfast, so the idea to eat nasi lemak at nite was.. hmm different (for me). no complaint here though, just take note, it really is a big heavy supper. but it wasn't for the same reason i didn't eat that nite, not because a diet reason or anything (hmm..) i just have to order a take-out. so the next morning, i re-heated the nasi lemak and tried to serve it nicely. i took few snaps before i finally eight it.

the nasi lemak was suberb . . . very rich, you can taste the coconut milk flavour, along with this chocolate colour sauce also anchovies and fried groundnut they put in it. hmm . . . although i don't think it's a similar chili paste sauce you get from any other nasi lemak stall.

on the other hand my friend was right, the fried egg and the fried chicken is a bit oily. the chicken skin was okay, but the meat itself is rather tasteless or plain for me. but
for a portion of great RM4.50 nasi lemak ayam, i totally recommend it.

to get there? well.. i'll have to ask the person behind the wheel for that, will update later on.


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