Mar 13, 2009


have you ever tried noodle-papaya soup?
i have.

how's the taste?

not much defferent with ordinary noodle soup, but with extra papaya cubes in it. i don't mind actually and i want to try it again next time, but i can say that this is not one of my favourite food.

may 2008, this is at xin wang hongkong cafe, singapore, inside anchorpoint shopping mall, which is located exactly opposite ikea building at alexander road.

i forgot the price for this one, but i remember i wrote it down. i'll tell you later when i find my notes.

why i choose this item?
let's say i do have a similarity with andrew zimmern, a tendency to try a weirdo kind of food (if in some cases, you still can say it as a food).

i remember there's one time, me and my younger brother want to buy an ice cream.
from all the flavour they offer us, he choose ogura flavour (red bead) and i choose wasabi flavour (hooo..).

in the end, he managed to finish his ice cream, but me? after struggling for almost twenty minute
s, i finally gave up (booo). i do like sushi, wasabi, anything, just name it.. but for wasabi ice cream? 'guess i just have to practise much much more on this one.

back to the restaurant. the noodle-papaya soup
was my order, but my friends picked something else, dimsum.

dimsum is like japanese sushi, with lots of variety and options. we didn't order all kind of dimsum, only a portion of siu mai, har gau (shrimp dumpling), and gyoza (japanese dumpling).

the dimsum was okay for me, not the best dimsum i've ever had, but okay.

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