Mar 3, 2009


this is part two.

part one is when eating sushi is like one in a million chances.

part two is... well

let say i met more people with the same addiction to sushi
and more opportunity to eat with less worries about my pocket conditio
n (sigh)

anyway, i got the chance to visit singapore again around december 2007.
so another sushi time (yaay). this time at
(not agaain..) sushitei at raffles city mall.

drinks? hot ocha for sure..
then, trying to saved up some money, first item i ordered was a SGD7.00 chirashi don (rice in bowl with assorted sashimi slices). anything with rice will make my stomach full, prevented me to order any other items, although beside that i do like chirashi don, especially the pink -sweet taste thing they put in it.

another item was a-must-ordered tobikko, for a price of SGD2.80. i've told you before... i LOVE crunchy-munchy tobikko sushi.
after that i ordered chuka chinmi, also my favourite, SGD 4.00 and for dessert was a SGD 3.40 peach jelly (hmm.. yummy).

eating at sushitei, always a pleasure and no complaint... err well except for the price (sigh)

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