Feb 26, 2009


my ultimate guilty pleasure, indeed [o.O]'

back in 2006, a portion of
avocado unagi roll (sea eel) is my first introduction to japanese sushi, then we finished up with 2 large macha (green tea) ice cream. we didn't order much at that time, because just to eat at that place, me and my 2 best friends had to sneakin' up from the rest of my friends. we told them that we need to go to a bookstore, instead we eventually ended up elsewhere *ooops*. it was my favorite japanese restaurant, sushitei at plaza indonesia, jakarta. well, not everyone like sushi or even sashimi, i also need some time to get used to it. but once you can enjoy it... hmm...

the second time was at a small japanese restaurant near my house. there, i learned something about wakame (seaweed), tamago (sweet egg omelet sushi), and my all time favorite sushi, tobikko (flying fish roe). i like tobikko because the roe is smaller compare to ikura (salmon roe), so less ''fishy taste'' and also tobikko is very crispy, you can literally hear the crack sound when you eat and bite it. good thing that tobikko is much cheaper than ikura (yosh!).
too bad i didn't take any pictures for this one.

third time was the best, because i-eight for free (yaay!) and again it was sushitei but this time at paragon mall, singapore. the place itself similar like any other sushitei branch, modern simplicity design with dim light, plenty of water elements and bamboo here and there.

of course we had to have ocha (green tea), it's a must... prefer hot ocha for me, but the other two guys ordered a cold one. then we add california roll, tamago, and most definitely tobikko again. also tried chuka iidako (baby octopus) for the first time here, turns out really good. a bit scary for first timer, it's a baby... well octopus, but still, it's a baby.

after that we also order soft shell crab and ebi (raw prawn) sushi. finally a portion of unagi roll,
sashimi salad, and chirashi lobster. no dessert this time, too tired to eat anything anymore.

*don't eat until you're full, eat until you're tired*
-a hawaiian saying-

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