Feb 12, 2009

:: let me introduce ::

there's the first time for everyone
so let me introduce...

this is my first blog
this is my first post
been waiting to write a blog for a looong time
[dont have to wait actually, just type]
well.. waiting is sometimes eer.. fun?
anyway, been preparing some equipment
to help me fill up this blog also
[dont know a special tool is needed to make a blog.. hmm]
yeah, i do actually
because of my addiction for the past few years
and i really need to show you what it is
so i decided to get my new dee sixty last week... yippie
[... congratulations ? ...]
thank you

in short, here's the thing
i eight
is a blog from me and about me
and i like eight
either eight (eight) or eight (ate) eat

-you are what you eat-

this is i
and these are the things that i eight

* nice to meet you *
and have a nice scrumptious day

1 comment:

  1. welcome to blogspot suuu... heheheee.... comment2 di blog saya yah suuu...


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