Feb 16, 2009


a quick glimpse of history here. this is the very first food picture that i taken, with full awareness that i realize since then, i LOVE taking pictures of food.

it was 2006, in the city of lion to be exactly, at the hawkers food arena next to the durian building. in short, esplanade singapore.

this was just a simple SGD4.00 carrot cake and couple of barbequed chicken wings. along with that also a portion of grilled stingray, lemon chicken with rice and this big prawn which i forgot the name and ended with a glass of refreshing sugar cane.

i don't know really, maybe because of the name -carrot cake- or the shape and colour, or maybe because that was the first time (since a very loong time) i visit singapore or maybe just because -like many people, surround me especially- i just simply LOVE to eat.

but one thing for sure, from that moment i officially became an addict (of food photography) :D :D ;D

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