Feb 16, 2009


last saturday, i want to try out my 60mm lense. i bought this lense because food is my main object and i got this very useful information from lolo, one of the food blogger.

anyway, i was looking for an object and i saw this chocolate bar that i kept in the fridge. and that time, i was really craving for something sweet so i just grab it, took a few snaps and later -eight- it. supposely, that chocolate is 'belong' my friend, he requested it since last christmas (oops...)

but i can never eat too much, a bit too sweet for a bitter dark chocolate lover like me. aside from that, this chocolate is really good. i like it because it contains rhums inside hmm...

a best friend of mine suggested the chocolate. she is one of my ultimate partner in crime for food and happen to be a supermaket addict who can spent hours in it. one of her main dreams is to have a real-u-can-use cash register, well happy to know she finally got the almost-alike-but-u-still-can-use one last birthday (hooraii)
so you can actually find this chocolate in any supermarket store, but in few cases they don't have the rhum flavour.

i skipped my lunch that day and soon few hours after that, i got very hungry. too lazy to cook, i just took an instant ready use one, curly wollie unhealty noodle. never thought it would be so tempting, especially when you are hungry. so this is it, instant noodle with onion minced beef and a couple of baby spinach leaves from my own backyard-pot.

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