Feb 25, 2009


i always interested in all things related to japan.
well... their food is one thing for sure, but
the culture and the way of living is always like a mindstorming for me.

i found this one web-blog about kanzo, one of japanese aesthetic priciple (zen).
basically, kanzo is about simplicity and keeping things basic.
there's one part interest me the most, here i quote :

a fancy dish garnished with top quality ingredients amuses our taste buds
while plain rice serves only to ease our hunger
kanso is rice, not pasta.
you will get tired of eating fancy food but not basic food like rice.
kanso is plain white paper and black ink on paper, not oil on canvas.
you only use what you need and nothing more.
kanso is the bare essential.

. . .

keeps things simple when they should be.
use only what you need.
one saying goes,

perfection is not when there is nothing more to add,
but when there is nothing left to take away

but there is no perfection.
what is true then?
there is no truth, only perception.
perception is clear when the mind is not clouded or burdened.
keep things simple as they should be and the mind will not be burdened.

i couldn't agree more.
for my work and study, i got the message here loud and clearly,
but since this is a food-blog,
the idea about a-perfect-rice suddenly pop up in my mind.
never ever, in my experience,
i succeed to cook a bowl of shining... warm.. white fluffy rice

so i decided, the next project is to cook a-perfect-rice.
we'll see how it goes, so wait for part #2 from this topic.

[to be continued]

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