Mar 9, 2009


i always wanted to eat a mud-cake.
sounds muddy, melting, just tempting.

and finally i eight (hoorai). this one is at coffee club, around orchad road area in october 2008.

my brother loves to hang out in a small downtown street side cafe. just to drink coffee, browsing the webworld or wasting time with friends. but for me, well i am not really a coffee person.

doesn't mean i dont like coffee, it's just tea suits me better tea is more personal and contemplating while coffee is more casual. that's why we have tea-ceremony rather than coffee-ceremony.. i think

so while my brother doing his thing, and the rest of the family were chatting and gossiping for sure, i, as usual, just busy picking what to order and eat.

i don't know if this is a real mud-cake, at least for me it is. it's a combination of cake, layers of ice creams, with chocolat
e syrup poured on top of it. really good, and the size is huge, but the best of all is, tasted just exactly like a mud-cake in my mind.

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