Nov 8, 2010


well ...

i do not think we can call it an exploration for this one
because what happened was

while we were crossing tempe lake in sengkang,
our boat, known as katinting boat, accidentally leaked badly
and we.. err.. well sort of drowned ...

recalled back, it was a funny experience though
300m from our drown-location, was actually the exact location of our destination
the floating village of buginese tribe
-talking 'bout wrong place wrong timing-

felt sorry for our misfortune,
the lady of of the house made us a nice warm fried bananas
accompanied with a glass of hot tea to calm us down, which if i can added,
did not work well for one of us, if you know what i mean ;p

anyway, before we said goodbye to local villagers
i managed to sneak into the kicthen and tried their local snack,
made of rice flour and sugar, pan fried and served warm
yummy ;d

definitely not bad
after what we had experienced before :D

next destination

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