Nov 8, 2010


one can not just come to makassar without putting their hands on the seafood
yep, this provincial capital of south sulawesi, was and still,
is the main primary port of the eastern archipelago of indonesia

aniway, we arrived late in the afternoon
just managed in time to catch a glimpse of losari sunset
before the night falls and city lights started to shine here and there
but still have plenty of time to try their local famous seafood

a lot of good selection seafood places in makassar
but this time we tried at warung makan ikan segar, lae lae

for dessert?

been craving for the famous pisang eppe,
a local term for grilled flattened banana,
ever since recommended by some of my friends

strolling down losari beach
we finally sat down at one of street hawker
and order 3 plates of pisang eppe

next morning
time to explore makassar local culinary
sooooooo many choices, but as a first timer
i chosed to try the famous recommended one

first stop, coto makassar at jalan nusantara

second stop, bought some makassar pork meatball, known as nyuknyang

initially i wanted to buy the one at jalan bali,
but finished already and it was still around 12 in the afternoon!
can not believe how famous the place is

so instead, i went to rumah makan asia timur at jalan timor
luckily they still have lots of nyuknyang stock
picture to be added later ;p

third and last stop, es pisang ijo at rumah makan bravo

and this means the end of my celebes trip
planning to come and visit here again?

of course!

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