Nov 8, 2010


can not tell you how much i enjoyed this place

after a long night driving towards rantepao, toraja
we finally arrived at mambo restaurant
and tried local famous dish
pamarrasan buffalo meat

accompanied with the super hot sambal katokon

but cooled down immediately by the sweetness of tamarella juice

pangrarang pork, grilled pork with rica-rica sauce
sayur tutuk kelapa, vegetable tap with coconut
at mentirotiku restaurant, batutumonga

traditional roasted cassava

traditional baked sweet potato

preparing papiong chicken, stuffed chicken in a bamboo

and this is it
papiong chicken served with warm white rice
simple, but probably the best food i have ever had :)

another local dish was our menu for breakfast

toraja pork satay

next and final destination
makassar, south sulawesi!

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