Apr 21, 2011


day 6


on the road heading to Wat Tham Sua or Tiger Cave Temple
we stopped by at one local hawker stall
and pampered ourselves with all these

(not knowing what was waiting for us on the temple by then,
we should really grateful for this big lunch,
see the story about Wat Tham Sua here)

this was what made us decided to stop
and took our lunch here
who can resist?

clear glass noodle soup

dont know how to called it in thai
but we called it es campur in indonesia :)

first day on krabi town,
we noticed there are few location of night markets there
our main goal is to try as many local food as we can

luckily, but sometimes can consider to be unlucky as well,
i've got a crazy foodie as my backpacking partner
might be even crazier than me :P

so.. ready to eat?
here we go

night market - 1st attempt

one of thai's famous street snacks
a thin, very crisp pancake, called kanom krok

another session with clear glass noodle soup,
but this one is in pork broth soup :)

papaya salad
sticky rice with mango

to be continued :)

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