Apr 18, 2011


day 3
kuala lumpur

Nasi Dagang with Daging Goreng Lembu
@Restoran Baloh, Damansara Perdana - PJ

famous dish from northen part of malaysia or southern thailand,
consisting rice steamed in coconut milk and spices,
giving it a very rich creamy flavour
@ Baloh, it is only available on saturday morning though ;)
Whole Leg Chicken with Herbs Sauce
@Ikea, Damansara Perdana - PJ

Delicato Ball
@Ikea, Damansara Perdana - PJ

tastes like a very thick creamy chocolate mousse
with coconut shavings on the outside, they dont have it it ikea singapore
and im lovin it a looooottttt ;d

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