Jun 29, 2009


another buffet time..

this is one buffet i will remember for sure
not because the food itself, but because what happened before the buffet
not gonna tell you the whole story here, but just say..
i almost trapped myself in the house for 2 days (^^')

anyway, back to the buffet..
yaki yaki japanese buffet is the place' name

exactly in front of low yat plaza

i guess that they just opened few months before,
because some of the interior has yet finished
but then.. good for us because it is not so crowded like any buffet elsewhe
also yaki yaki offered special price for weekdays and 50% discount on weekend..
an offer we will not gonna missed out

the food was great
hmm.. at least much better than one japs buffet i h
ad at one utama last time

started with sashimi of course
then ramdomly choose anything that looks interesting
one thing i like
they had yakiniku also here..

with lots of sauce selection pick any meat or fish you like
(sorry to say.. no pork here.. ^^)

mix and match the sauce
trying to become rob rainford for once
and get the license to grill
no matter what the taste will be.. hmm

the japs buffet in starhill gallery offered special dishes only for members
but here in yaki yaki, each person have one chance to choose a special dish
between hot or cold sake, cheese baked king prawn..

for me.. a nice warm sake of course :)

unfortunately, for the dessert..
it was not so good
but still.. it is a place to recommend

the promotion last until august 2nd, 2009

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