Jun 29, 2009


there is one particular area that i want to go..but never make it somehow

it is called niuzexui (
nzx in short), in ara damansara area, pj
until last week, my friends took me there for a di

we eight in one place named full house
my friend, whose been here before, recommended this place

and let me tell you.. for you girls out there, yo
u definitely gonna love this place..
for sure :)

i am sure most of us, girls
have watched or at least knew one korean drama series
called full house.. rite?
for guys, the name song hee kyo maybe will be
easier to remember ^^

well.. the house you saw in the drama series, you can also find a similar concept here
see the picture yourself and you
will understand why full house become the most popular place in nzx

the place

one thing i really like.. the menu

and the most important (for me).. the food


the interior decorator has done a great job
the chef.. well the food also not dissapointing :)

cant wait to come here yourself?

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