Dec 24, 2011


wishing everyone
a very wonderful holiday season!

*christmas is a time when you get homesick, even when you're home* 
-carol nelson-

Dec 10, 2011


the moon

being vegetarian, or even vegan?
honestly, that would be extremely difficult for me
nonetheless, i do looove vegetarian food

so when we arrived in old bagan, myanmar
one thing which i was looking forward to was a visit to the moon
as you can see from its slogan, be kind to animals
it is a vegetarian restaurant

apparently very famous one
 whichever travel guide book you have in hand
for sure this place will be on it

wondered what was myanmar looked like when we were there?
check it out here and meet the people here


  fried peanuts as a starter while choosing the food
between all those listed in the menu, not easy really
but all the time we were in myanmar,
tomato salad was our favourite, so that's the first

then this buttery baby potato dish
turned out to be an excellent choice

myanmar food set and tomato tofu curry

 today's special, vegetable pancake

extra bonus on the house
homemade tamarind candy

when i think again, you know what
if all my food was this good
i think i can be a vegetarian ;)

*animals are my friends... and I don't eat my friends*
-george bernard shaw-

Dec 6, 2011


tinutuan manado

although i still have a loooot of posting debt,
i have to jump forward to my latest culinary exploration

finally came to here..
the famous bubur manado (manado porridge) a.k.a tinutuan!

thanks to critters@lembeh girls 
who took me on my first night in lembeh, bitung, north sulawesi

been craving for this one since few months ago
the taste... ?
 much much better than what i was hoping for :)

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